International Journal of Advanced Smart Sensor Network Systems ( IJASSN )

ISSN : 2231 – 4482 [Online] ; 2231 – 5225 [Print]

Scope & Topics

With the availability of low cost, short range sensor technology along with advances in wireless networking, sensor networks has become a hot topic of discussion. The International Journal of Advanced Smart Sensor Network Systems focuses on applied research and applications of sensor networks. While sensor networks provide ample opportunities to provide various services, its effective deployment in large scale is still challenging due to various factors. This journal provides a forum that impacts the development of high performance computing solutions to problems arising due to the complexities of sensor network systems. It also acts as a path to exchange novel ideas about impacts of sensor networks research.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

Energy-aware sensor network topology control
Architecture, Algorithms and Complexity Issues
Sensor Network Tasking and Self-Organization
Architectures for Sensor Networks
Performance Evaluation of Sensor Networks
Theoretical Bounds and Optimization of Sensor Networks
Underwater and Underground Sensor Networks
Information Fusion Methods
Classification Methods
Performance analysis
Sensor mobility and task Coordination
Security, privacy, and data integrity
Networking / Caching Issues in Sensor Networks
Managing Resource Constraints
In-Network Query Processing and Data Storage
Energy efficient protocols (PHY, MAC, routing, application)
Lightweight protocols
Fault tolerance and diagnostics
Data storage and query processing
Learning of models from Sensor networks
Localization and Synchronization in Sensor Networks
Cooperative Signal Algorithms for Sensor Networks
Applications in Biology, Manufacturing, Medical Science and Engineering

Important Dates

Submission deadline : 15 October, 2012
Notification : 15 November, 2012
Final manuscript due : 25 November , 2012
Publication date : determined by the Editor-in-Chief

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